New Cumberland Eyeball Band's Greatest Zits (カセット)


カセット/Eternal Yip Eye Music/US盤
盤質/ジャケット NEW/NEW

A1 I'm Lazy
A2 Don't Trust Anybody
A3 Bargain
A4 Grievances
A5 They're Going To Have A War
A6 Super Person
A7 I Get Depressed
A8 Artificial Smiles
A9 Another Beautiful Moment
A10 Attractive
A11 One Step Closer
A12 Alligator Eyes
A13 Like A Rose

B1 This Is A Living Hell
B2 Grievances (Acapella)
B3 I Love Her Like A Hot Potato
B4 Soho (Don't Look At Me)
B5 Alone In Your Heart
B6 The Girl I Left Behind
B7 Paperback Novel
B8 This Is Life (Living Life)
B9 Have A Happy Today
B10 Without You
B11 Bury Me With My Piano
B12 Premarital Sex
B13 This
B14 Fantasy Under Control
B15 You Left Me Hanging On A Cliff
B16 A Picture Of You
B17 Peace Of Mind
B18 Sitting In Your Wig Wam
B19 In Some Foreign Country I'm Sure
B20 Since I Lost My Tooth
B21 Fart
B22 I'll Never Marry (This Ain't Marlboro Country)

型番 EYECS17
販売価格 3,080円(税280円)